Our equipment

Selected list of available equipment in P2[AM]2 Lab

Additive Manufacturing Machines

Name Details
Renishaw AM400 with RBV Laser powder bed fusion printer equipped with reduced build volume for rapid trials of small parts. 400 W of peak power. Build volume of 250 mm × 250 mm × 300 mm. Multiple material types can be interchanged
Renishaw AM250 Laser powder bed fusion printer focusing on iron-based alloys. 250 W of peak power. Build volume of 250 mm × 250 mm × 300 mm. Multiple material types can be interchanged
Custom LPBF Machine Built in the lab. 6000 W (peak power) pulsed NdYAG laser, Max speed of 1000 mm/min.
Wire directed energy deposition machine Wire DED machine with laser as energy source
CSC MIG AM Printer Controlled-Short-Circuiting Metal-Inert-Gas welding based additive manufacturing machine
Extrusion based printer A CNC controlled extrusion based printer
Makerbot Replicator 2 Polymer 3D printer to build parts from a 3D model

Powder Characterising Equipments

Name Details
Granudrum Granular material flow analyzer
Granuflow Laboratory silo that combines a stainless‐steel cell of 500 mL capacity and a rotating plate with 7 different holes with diameters from 1 to 38 mm for powder characterization
Hall and Carney Flow Meters ASTM standard flow meters for measuring flowability
Freeman Technology FT4 powder rheometer Powder rheometer to characterise the rheology of powders, or powder flow properties.
Additional equipments We have access to a Laser Particle Size Analyser, and Dynamic Vapour Sorption equipment within the department for further characterization

Powder Processing Equipments

Name Details
Union Process Type B HD01 cryomill Small 1 L vessel for mechanical alloying and grain size reduction under cryogenic temperatures
Union Process Type B IS fully automated cryomill Automated 5.65 L vessel. For mechanical alloying and grain size reduction under cryogenic temperatures.
Russell FInex MS400 Powder sieving stations - 2 nos Used to ensure the correct product quality of powders is achieved by removing oversize contamination


Name Details
Lindberg tube vacuum furnace Vacuum (1E-5 torr), and upto 1200 °C
Lindberg box furnace Upto 1100 °C
Across International TF1400 tube furnace Upto 1400 °C
Carbolite STF 15-450 tube furnace Upto 1500 °C
Thermo Scientific F21100 horizontal tube furnace Upto 1200 °C

Thermal and Mechanical Characterization Equipment

Name Details
TA Instruments TMA Q400 Thermo Mechanical Analyzer
Perkin Elmer DSC 8500 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Netzsch STA 449 F3 Jupiter Simultaneous Thermal Analyser - DSC+TGA
Linseis Induction dilatometer Used for thermocycle testing, max temperature 1100°C

Sample Preparation Equipment

Name Details
Buehler Isomet Low Speed Saw Diamond wheel cutter for sectioning of small samples and fine cuts.
Buehler VibroMet 2 polisher For final polishing of metallographic samples
Struers TenuPol-5 polisher Used to prepare SEM and TEM samples
Additional equipments We have access to multiple automated and/or manual, grinding and polishing facilities within the department.

Residual Stress Testing Equipment

Name Details
Pulstec µ-X360 residual stress analyzer Measures the residual stress in metallic surfaces, using X-ray
Bruker D8 Discover XRD Bruker D8 Discover XRD with capabilities for residual stress measurement is available within the department

Mechanical Testing Equipment

Name Details
Nanoimpact machine Dynamic mechanical analysis
Additional equipments We have a variety of additional mechanical testing equipment including but not limited to hardness testers, and universal testing machines available withing the department.