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Call us for your AM needs


Our training services


As a technology leader, we provide AM specific training for practitioners looking to add AM to their skillset, as well as for industries looking to add to their competitive edge.

“Students who complete their training at Groupe Additive 3D, who have combined learning software specifically adapted for additive manufacturing in addition to hands-on training on 3D metal printers, will be greatly advantaged by experience they will have gained in their courses.”

Our Advantage

Groupe Additive 3D will have the largest number of 3D metal and polymer printers of different models to complement our expertise for teaching different applications that allow students to learn better.

Our Guarantee

Groupe Additive 3D wants to ensure that our program graduates will have advanced level know-how and hands-on experience in additive manufacturing using industrial 3D printers.

Why choose us?

Our team, our expertise, our facility.

Comprised of Ph.D. holders and Post-Doctoral researchers with extensive AM expertise, and a world-class AM facility.
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