Who We Are

The team is made up of 21 Domestic and International researchers; which specifically includes two Research Associates, five Post-Doctoral Fellows, 11 Ph.D. candidates, 2 Master students, 2 co-op students and a Technical Assistant.

The Team

Dr. Mathieu Brochu Director
Dr. Pierre Hudon Research Associate
Dr. J. Alberto Muñiz Lerma Research Associate
Ivonne Valencia Technician
Dr. Amy Nommets-Nomm Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Mohsen K. Keshavarz Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Eileen Ross L. Espiritu Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr. He Li Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Chao Xu Post Doctoral Fellow
Abhi Ghosh Doctoral Student
Xianglong Wang Doctoral Student
Dany Rasmussen Doctoral Student
Oscar Sanchez Mata Doctoral Student
Amit Kumar Doctoral Student
Sila Ece Atabay Doctoral Student
Fatih Sikan Doctoral Student
An Fu Doctoral Student
Tejas Ramakrishnan Doctoral Student
Satish Kumar Tumulu Doctoral Student
Jaskaranpal Dhillon Doctoral Student
Aniruddha Das Master's Student
Tiffany Turner Master's Student
Maéva Chrzaszcz Co-op Student
Kerui (Jerry) Lai Co-op Student
Su Su MIME 410 Student

Our Alumni

Yaneth Aguilar Researcher, Mexican Research Council